FloraMax || The most simplified nutrient system for growing high yielding plants.

Fewer bottles and a simple feed program make it easy to obtain the perfect yield in hydroponics, coco-fibre or soil.

  • Only ONE base nutrient is needed from seed through to harvest
  • pH buffering control is 5x stronger than other leading brands
  • When using alkaline additives there is no white clouding or pH problems
  • All growth factors are catered for using just 6 highly sophisticated core products
  • Radically stable and clean ingredients ensure no blockages in drippers or emitters

FloraMax Starter Kit for hydroponics coco or soil

Why not trial
 a FloraMax Starter Kit?

This enables you to test our core products at a reasonable price.  On a first-time grow with FloraMax, even experienced growers frequently report their best-ever yields!