FloraMax || The most simplified nutrient system for growing high yielding plants.

Fewer bottles and a simple feed program make it easy to obtain the perfect yield in coco coir, hydroponics or soil.

  • Only ONE base nutrient is needed from seed through to harvest
  • Superior balance achieves a new standard in taste, flavour and aroma
  • pH buffering control is 5x stronger than other leading brands
  • When using alkaline additives there is no white clouding or pH problems
  • All growth factors are catered for using just 5 highly sophisticated core products
  • Radically stable and clean ingredients ensure no blockages in drippers or emitters

FloraMax Starter Kit_CocoNEW FloraMax Coco A+B

FloraMax Coco A + B is an easy to use professional, Dutch-style two-part nutrient made specifically for discerning coco growers. There is no pH adjustment or complex mixing procedures, and no more blocked drippers. Simply said, “We’ve done all the hard work for you!”.