Do you want ‘Big Results’ in coco coir, hydroponics or soil?

FloraMax’s expertise in nutrient chemistry and plant science gives you access to the best nutrients, additives and the latest, most advanced growing techniques.

Better flavours and higher yields
handsIngredients are carefully balanced and contain no nuisance “chemicals”.  At harvest you have pure, clean flavours with no nasty background “tastes”.   We use the most soluble, highest grade ingredients and we give the plant EVERYTHING it needs.  Your plants will get what-they-want, when-they-want it.
Nutrient and additives are far easier to use

Superior product chemistry means no pH adjustment is required in coco or soil. In coco, soil or hydroponics only ONE base nutrient is required from seed to harvest. There are no complex dosing procedures, fewer products are required and feed charts are very easy to follow.

FloraMax also marks the end of “nutrient issues”. The nutrient solution “runs very clean” without blocking drippers or emitters. High ongoing nutrient stability prevents plant nutrient deficiencies and the build-up of white slimy “muck”.

The latest and most powerful grow tips
We provide the latest and most effective growing techniques – explained in simple, concise language.

We cover everything from seed to harvest:grow tips_home

  • Medium selection for hydro, coco and soil
  • How to supercharge cuttings
  • How to power the flower for bigger yields
  • How to make nutrient solutions during veg and flower
  • Dealing with plant nutrient deficiencies
  • Optimum HID lighting for veg and flower
  • Pruning and training techniques for better plant yields
  • Hormones and growth promotants for improving plant yields and structure
  • How to avoid pests and diseases